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Tier 2 Coverage, 7-12-2017 – Present

Radelat, Anna. “Feds drop Old Saybrook-to-Rhode Island bypass from final rail plan”, CT Mirror July 12, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “UPDATED: FRA drops rail bypass plan that was opposed locally”,  The Day July 12, 2017 Permalink
Haigh, Susan (AP). “State, Local Officials to Now Focus on Ways to Improve Rails”, U.S. News July 13, 2017 Permalink
King, Ryan Caron, “In Connecticut And Rhode Island, Federal Rail Decision Seen As Win For Preservationists”, WNPR July 13, 2017 Permalink
Stannard, Ed. “Federal rail agency drops plan to expand rail service along Connecticut shoreline”, New Haven Register July 12, 2017 Permalink
Johnson, Pam. “Leading Advocate Responds to Quad-Track Change”, July 12, 2017 Permalink
“A controversial rail bypass is stopped in its tracks”, WTNH  July 12, 2017 Permalink
Chapman, Nancy. “Feds release rail plan: High speed track planned for Norwalk”, Nancy on Norwalk July 12, 2017 Permalink
Roos, Zoe. “FRA Backs Away from Proposed Quad-Track in Guilford/Branford”, July 12, 2017 Permalink
“Shoreline Lawmakers Applaud Withdrawal of Southeast Connecticut Rail Bypass Proposal by the Federal Railroad Administration”, Connecticut Senate Republicans July 12, 2017 Permalink
Stuart, Christine. “Connecticut Officials Applaud FRA Decision To Scrap Plans For Old Saybrook Route”, CTNEWSJUNKIE July 12, 2017 Permalink
Jones, Harriet, et al. “Feds Back Away From Controversial Rail Plan Along New England Coast”, WSHU July 13, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Continued vigilance urged after Federal Railroad Administration rail decision”, Westerly Sun July 14, 2017 Permalink
Editorial Board. “After applause, Northeast Corridor decision: Act II”, The Day July 21, 2017. Permalink
Cummings, Bill. “Critics: Federal Rail Plan Disruptive”, Connecticut Post July 23, 2017 Permalink
Borsuk, Ken. “High-speed rail discussion draws standing room only crowd to Greenwich”, Greenwich Time July 26, 2017 Permalink
Kaufman, Richard. “Plans for High-Speed Northeastern Rail Line Draw Concern”, Greenwich Sentinel July 28, 2017 Permalink
Lomusico, James. “Marpe: Feds Plans for High Speed Rail Could Disrupt Town”, Westport Now August 1, 2017 Permalink
“Federal Rail Administration Announces Northeast Corridor Record of Decision: Potential for Westport to be Significantly Impacted”, Town of Westport August 1, 2017 Permalink
King, Ryan Caron. “Crucial, Century-Old And Sometimes Stuck: Conn. Bridge Is Key To Northeast Corridor” WBUR, August 7, 2017 Permalink
Kaufman, Richard. “High-speed Rail Project Called a ‘Serious Plan”, Greenwich Sentinel August 10, 2017 Permalink
Constable, Kyle. “In CT’s battle with feds over rail, a new front in Fairfield County”, CT Mirror August 15, 2017 Permalink
Cassidy, Martin B. “Officials: High-speed rail plan goes off track”, Stamford Advocate August 15, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Rail bypass opponent says coastal residents face hard choices”, Westerly Sun August 19, 2017 Permalink


Tier 1 Coverage, 12-14-2015 to 7-11-2017

Stacom, Don. “Feds Call Connecticut Key Player In Any Northeast Corridor Scheme”, Hartford Courant Dec 14, 2015 Permalink
Spiegel, Jan Ellen. “Massive rail plan leaves Connecticut hopeful but mystified”, CT Mirror Jan.4, 2016 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “FRA Seeks Connecticut Opinions About Northeast Corridor’s Future”, Hartford Courant Jan 12, 2016  Permalink
Daponte-Smith, Noah. “CT Residents Debate Amtrak Plans”, Yale Daily News Jan 20, 2016  Permalink
Stroud, Gregory. “Proposed Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Route Cuts Through Old Lyme Historical District “, Lymeline January 29, 2016  Permalink
Eio, Peter. ” Make Sure FRA Hears Your Opinion on Their “Potentially Catastrophic” Railtrack Proposal”, Lymeline Feb 7,2016  Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Shoreline Town Balks At Possible New Amtrak Line”, Hartford Courant Feb 8, 2016  Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Old Lyme And Florence Griswold Leaders Speak Against Proposal For Northeast Corridor Rail Service”, Hartford Courant Feb 10, 2016  Permalink
Dorsey, Kristina. ”Old Lyme officials speak out against rail alternative”, The Day Feb 10, 2016  Permalink
Lie-Nielsen, Kristen. “Proposed Rail Line Threatens Old Lyme Farms”, Mother Earth News Feb 15, 2016 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Planner Skeptical About Connecticut Bullet Train Ideas”, Hartford Courant Mar 3, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “What’s the Latest on That High Speed Train?”, Lymeline March 24, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Op-Ed: Another Q & A on the Proposed High Speed Railtrack”, Lymeline April 20, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Is it a Tunnel? An Aerial Structure? Learning the Latest on the Proposed High Speed Railroad Through Old Lyme”, Lymeline May 3, 2016 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly.   “Organization says emails show FRA wants bypass through Old Lyme”, The Day Jul 1, 2016  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Emails Confirm High Speed Rail Through Old Lyme, Lymeline July 2, 2016 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Sen. Blumenthal speaks against bypass through Old Lyme”, The Day July 13, 2016 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Blumenthal Slams Idea Of Amtrak  pass Through Old Lyme”, Hartford Courant July 14, 2016 Permalink
Wojtas, Joe. “Simmons calls on Amtrak and FRA to address safety, noise”, The Day  July 19, 2016  Permalink
Wojtas, Joe, Drelich, Kimberly. “Opposition to rail line alternative picks up speed”, The Day July 23, 2016  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “No Motion at OL Board of Selectmen to Express Formal Opposition to Train Route, Lymeline  July 23, 2016  Permalink
Radelat, Ana.  “Amtrak favors one rail overhaul plan, Old Lyme pans another“, CT Mirror July 28, 2016  Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Rail Officials Look For Common Ground On Amtrak Bypass”, Hartford Courant  July 28, 2016 Permalink
White, Brooke Constance. “Federal railroad plan has local leaders worried”, Westerly Sun  Aug 1, 2016  Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “CT split on rail overhaul; Malloy says repairs should come first” , CT Mirror Aug 1, 2016 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Old Lyme, Neighbors Plan Pitch To Stop Bullet Train” Hartford Courant Aug 11, 2016  Permalink
Constable, Kyle. “Opponents Organizing to derail new route for high-speed rail” CT Mirror Aug 12, 2016 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Local officials tell senator that rail bypass would devastate neighborhoods, environmental areas, tourism”, The Day Aug 12, 2016  Permalink
Gardner, Lauren. “Old Lyme doesn’t want  a new rail bridge”, Politico Aug 17, 2016  Permalink
Bigelow, Susan. “Don’t Waste the Incredible Possibilities of Rail in Connecticut”,  CT News Junkie Aug 19, 2016  Permalink
White, Brooke Constance. “Group seeks more info on rail bypass”, Westerly Sun Aug 23, 2016 –  Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Residents pack public meeting with Federal Railroad” The Day Aug 31, 2016  Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Tough Crowd Gives RR Officials Flak Over Amtrak  Bypass Plan” The Day Aug 31, 2016  Permalink
Stannard, Charles. “Hundreds Join Elected Officials to Oppose Possible Amtrak Railroad Bypass”, Lymeline September 1, 2016  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. Documents Reveal FRA Chose High Speed Rail Routes Through CT in April: Advocates Call Last Week’s FRA Forum in Old Lyme a “Charade”, Lymeline September 6, 2016 Permalink
Gardner, Lauren. “Blumenthal questions FRA transparency”, Politico Sept. 7, 2016 Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “Feds’ undisclosed ‘preferred route’ for rail lines sparks outrage” CT Mirror  Sep 7, 2016  Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Organizations say maps show FRA’s preferred routes” The Day Sep 7, 2016  Permalink
Kramer, Jack. “Documents Contradicting Statements About Future Rail Route Emerge Then Disappear”, CT News Junkie Sep 8, 2016  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Press Pushes for Answers to FRA’s Apparent Decision Made Months Ago on ‘Preferred Alternative’, Lymeline Sep 8, 2016  Permalink
White, Brooke Constance. “Groups say feds, state predetermined rail bypass route skipping Westerly”, Westerly Sun Sep 8, 2016  Permalink
Kramer, Jack. “Documents Contradicting Statements About Future Rail Route Emerge Then Disappear”, CT News Junkie Sep 8, 2016  Permalink
Wojtas, Joe. “Rail Bypass Opponents Gather in Mystic”, The Day Sep 13, 2016 Permalink
Young, Elise. “Acela Fight Splits Hedge-Fund Connecticut and Old-Money Enclaves”, Bloomberg Sep 21, 2016  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “If You Oppose the Proposed High-Speed Rail Route, Join SECoast’s Fundraiser This Afternoon at Bee & Thistle, Lymeline Oct 9, 2016, Permalink
O’Brien, Matt and Haigh, Susan. “A fast track to ruin? Amtrak opponents fear high-speed plans”, AP News Oct. 26, 2016 Permalink
Stroud, Gregory. “Op-Ed: Old Lyme Urgently Needs New Historic Survey; Current One Dates Back to 70s Leaving Town Vulnerable to High-Speed Rail and Other State, Federal Projects” , Lymeline Nov 6, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Old Lyme Historic District Commission Recommends BOS to Initiate Historic Survey”, Lymeline Nov 8, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “Old Lyme Board of Selectman Discuss Possibility of Instigating Historic Survey of Town, But No Vote Taken to Move Forward” Lymeline Nov 21, 2016 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Rail  pass included in ‘preferred alternative’ for future of Northeast Corridor”, The Day Dec 16, 2016 Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “Fed plan for Northeast Corridor rail includes new shoreline route”, CT Mirror Dec 16, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “FRA Endorses High Speed Rail Route Through Old Lyme, But With a Tunnel; Courtney, Malloy, Blumenthal, Murphy Express Strong Opposition to Plan”, Lymeline Dec 16, 2016,  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “High Speed Rail Plan to be Announced at 10am Today, Likely to Include Route Through Old Lyme; Stroud Explains 30-Day Timeline to Respond”, Lymeline Dec 16, 2016   Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Railroad Officials Full Speed Ahead On Controversial New Amtrak Northeast Corridor Bypass”, Hartford Courant Dec 16, 2016 Permalink
Stuart, Christine. “Connecticut Officials Say Federal Railroad Proposal Is Still DOA”, CT News Junkie Dec 16, 2016 Permalink
Stewart, Doug. “Feds recommend rail route through Old Lyme”, FOX News 61 Dec 16, 2016 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “CT Congressional, State Delegates Stand United Against FRA Plan to Route High Speed Trains Through Old Lyme, Southeastern CT”, Lymeline Dec 17, 2016 Permalink
Chapman, Nancy. “UPDATED: Feds, in long range plan, look to add a Norwalk rail line”, Nancy on Norwalk December 19, 2016 Permalink
Koch, Robert. “Plan would carve new rail lines”, The Hour Dec 19, 2016  Permalink
Carini, Frank. “Everyone Not On Board with Plan to Straighten Rails”, Dec 20, 2016  Permalink
Howard, Lee. “The Day – ‘This is not about one town’; residents urged to oppose rail”, The Day Dec 22, 2016 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Shoreline Officials Want To Hit The Brakes On Federal Railroad”, Hartford Courant Dec 22, 2016  Permalink
Aratani,Lori. “FRA unveils recommendations for faster rail travel in the Northeast”, Washington Post Dec 26, 2016  Permalink
Koch, Robert. “New rail lines: In the air, not out of sight ”, The Hour Dec 27, 2016  Permalink
Anderson, Patrick. “R.I. remains a stop in high-speed rail along Northeast Corridor ”, Providence Journal Jan 1, 2017 Permalink
Jaffe, Ralph. “Defund Amtrak”, Baltimore Sun Jan 4, 2017  Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “High Speed Train Route Dominates Our 2016 Stories. LymeLine Opinion: Now It’s 2017, What Happens Next?”, Lymeline Jan 5, 2017 Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “Rail overhaul plan is both a winner and a loser in CT”, CT Mirror Jan 9, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Region officials bring rail bypass concerns to Washington”, The Day Jan 12, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Old Lyme selectmen seek rail plan commenting extension”, The Day Jan 17, 2017 Permalink
Associated Press. “Rhode Island state lawmakers oppose high-speed rail bypass”, Jan 18, 2017 Permalink
O’Brien, Matt. “17 Rhode Island lawmakers oppose high-speed rail bypass”, Westerly Sun Jan 20, 2017 Permalink
Logan, Olwen. “The Latest on the Train: FRA Hosts Open House & Community Connections Discusses High Speed Rail, Wednesday”, Lymeline Jan 22, 2017  Permalink
Wojtas, Joe. “Stonington residents pack firehouse to oppose rail bypass”, The Day Jan 24, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kim.  “Strategies against rail bypass outlined during local talk”, The Day Jan 25, 2017 Permalink
White, Brooke Constance. “Rail plan draws 80 to Pawcatuck forum”, The Westerly Sun Jan 25, 2017 Permalink
“Raimondo says she ‘cannot support’ high-speed train service plan”, Jan 25, 2017 Permalink
Associated Press. “Rail  pass opponents rally at RI State House”,  Jan 25, 2017 Permalink
Tomison, Bill and Sullivan, Kelly. Raimondo won’t support high-speed train plan through South County”,  Jan 25, 2017 Permalink
“A rail bypass and river tunnel? ‘We don’t want it!”, The Day Jan. 26, 2017 Permalink
Howard, Lee. “Bypass plans may have hit Old Lyme home sales”, The Day Feb. 2, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Officials, residents of both states to join in opposition at rally in Mystic”, Westerly Sun Feb. 9, 2017 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Opponents Of Shoreline Rail Bypass Plan Rally”, Hartford Courant Feb. 9, 2017 Permalink
DeYounge, George. “Rally against plans to move Amtrak line”, WTNH News 8 Feb.11, 2017 Permalink
Brown, Mike. “Here’s the Map of New England’s Controversial Rail Plan”, Feb. 13, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Rail plan opponents step up pressure”, Westerly Sun Feb. 13, 2017 Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “Feeling heat from CT, feds say they may alter high-speed rail plan”, CT Mirror Feb. 13, 2017 Permalink
Gourlay, Kristin. “High-Speed Rail Plan Hits a Snag”, Feb. 15, 2017 Permalink
“Our View: Rail line fight adds to challenges”, Feb. 17, 2017 Permalink
Chevan, Saadya. “Connecting Connecticut and Rhode Island: Updates on the Northeast Corridor”, The College Voice Feb. 21, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Lawmakers ask agency to listen to concerns before finalizing rail plan”, The Day Feb. 28, 2017 Permalink
Faulkner, Tim. “Plenty of Questions, But Few Answers On Rail Project”, ecori news March 1, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “National Trust for Historic Preservation joins opposition to rail bypass”, The Day March 6, 2017 Permalink
Drelich, Kimberly. “Malloy: Rail plan should focus on repairs, not new alignments in Connecticut”, The Day March 7, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Pushback on federal rail bypass plan continues to grow”, Westerly Sun March 7, 2017 Permalink
Stacom, Don. “Malloy Tells FRA To Keep Northeast Corridor Plans Simple”, Hartford Courant March 7, 2017 Permalink
Koch, Robert. “Malloy, preservationists ask Federal Railroad Administration to table new track alignments,” The Hour March 7, 2017 Permalink
“Malloy: Connecticut supports FRA’s Northeast Corridor plan with conditions”, Progressive Railroading March 8, 2017 Permalink
Chapman, Nancy. “Norwalk legislators promise to keep eye on feds’ alternative rail line”, Nancy on Norwalk March 31, 2017 Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Rail Opponents Schooled on Strategy”, The Westerly Sun April 1, 2017. Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “CT rebellion against federal rail plan grows — and may have impact”, Connecticut Mirror April 13, 2017. Permalink
Radelat, Ana. “His grassroots rebellion stops a federal railroad plan in its tracks”, Connecticut Mirror April 16, 2017. Permalink
Chambers, Marcia. “Fed Plan for High Speed Branford-Guilford Rail Tracks Draws Opposition”, New Haven Independent April 21, 2017. Permalink
Hewitt, Catherine. “Statewide organization calls for plan to be cut from Northeast Corridor upgrade”, Westerly Sun April 22, 2017. Permalink
Koch, Robert. “Critics of high-speed rail step up pressure as federal decision looms”, The Hour April 22, 2017. Permalink
Carini, Frank, “Amtrak’s Role in Rail-Straightening Plan Questioned”, ecoRI May 8, 2017. Permalink
King, Ryan Caron, “With Federal Decision Nearing, Southern New England Towns Push Back Against Rail Plan”, WNPR May 24, 2017. Permalink
Borsuk, Kenneth, “High-speed rail line through Greenwich a possibility, critic says”, Greenwich Time May 25, 2017. Permalink
Basler, Cassandra, “High Tensions In New London, Connecticut Over Federal Rail Plans”, WNPR May 25, 2017. Permalink
Smith, Greg, “Plans for rail bypass met with staunch opposition in New London”, The Day June 3, 2017. Permalink
Stannard, Ed, “Guilford, Branford residents concerned about impact of rail expansion”, New Haven Register June 4, 2017. Permalink
Schecker, Justin, “Rail Expansion Along Shoreline Faces Opposition”, NBC Connecticut June 5, 2017. Permalink
Schassler, Kathleen, “Railway expansion discussed for Guilford, Branford”, New Haven Register June 7, 2017Permalink
Johnson, Pam, “Citizens to FRA: Put the Brakes on Branford-Guilford High Speed Rail”, The Sound June 9, 2017. Permalink
Pierce, Kent, “Shoreline residents concerned about possible rail expansion”, WTNH June 12, 2017. Permalink
Chambers, Marcia, “Four-Track RR Expansion on Shoreline Meets Resistance”, New Haven Independent June 26, 2017. Permalink
“Concerns Maryland Rail Project Could Impact Environmental Protections in Conn. and R.I.:, EcoRI July 1, 2017. Permalink
“Blumenthal: FRA administrator nominee should ‘disavow’ Old Lyme rail proposal”, The Day July 11, 2017 Permalink


Videos, Hearings, Interviews, etc.
Westerly Town Council Hearing.  Gregory Stroud, Lisa Konicki and Rob Simmons, September 19, 2016 Permalink
Stroud, Gregory. Interview with Tim Hanser Thinking Green TV , Metrocast Studio, Waterford, CT Jan 10, 2017 Permalink
Blumenthal Presses Chao on High Speed Rail Bypass at Confirmation Hearing, Online Video Clip, C-Span, YouTube  Jan 11, 2017  Permalink
February 6, 2017 hearing, Transportation Committee, Connecticut General Assembly Permalink
WNPR – New England News Collaborative NEXT, Episode 41: Public Comment Permalink
WNPR – New England News Collaborative with Ryan Caron King. “With Federal Decision Nearing…” Permalink
Stroud, Gregory. Interview with Shawn Murphy, Ion Media., October 26, 2016 Permalink